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Resolved! Unauthorized add-on purchase and online removal not available

I noticed there has been a $15 dollars unlimited internet usage add-on added to my account since Jan 2020. I did not ask for this product, nor received notice for having this service started. This is very sneaky and I have never seen any provider for...

trioE by Just Moved In
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Moving and new home doesn’t support gigabit

Thinking of switch to Telus giga from Shaw but worried if I move and the new location doesn’t support giga plan, Telus would consider it a cancellation to switch plans. Even if the monthly $ value of 300 mb is the same, According to Shaw. This true??...

Internet Data Overage

Hey, so since the data caps are lifted, does that mean all the overage charges I would receive would be waived? This seems like an obvious answer, but since the charges are every 50 gbs, 5$ for the first charge and 10$ for every other charge, does th...

zxczxczxc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet50 continuously limited between 2.5 to 1.2 Mbps

So like most people latetly I'm working from home. Since I've had my Telus service in this house (3yrs) it's been life with small kids (meaning I have hardly been watching any streaming shows, so my internet habits are limited to mostly a few emails ...

Internet, phone lines, and cable not working

The Internet, cable, and phone lines do not work right now in the house. Others around us are not experiencing this issue. After checking in the IP login it's failing to connect to the ISP so I'm left wondering if the fault plays on Telus's end.

KyriaAlex by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Remote desktop with access with T3200M modem

I have been trying without success to connect to my remote desktop with the T3200M modem. My VPN is connected and is able to connect over other networks. I have tried to open port 3389 and it shows as open but I still can't connect. I was on the phon...

Shaw to Telus ?

Hi All: I'm thinking of moving from Shaw to Telus. I currently run three small community web sites from my home, and after 7 year Shaw is now failing me. Does the Telus 75 Internet package allow one to run a small web site(s) from one's residence ? -...

syntel by Just Moved In
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Intermittent internet connection dropping

This is an issue I've been encountering for at least two months, but I haven't had the time to really look into it until now. What is happening is that my internet connection will drop for about 5 seconds at random intervals. Sometimes it happens mul...

ElCarrot by Just Moved In
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