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Ethernet to ONT box

Just Moved In
Am I able to hardwire my PS4 directly into the the ONT box? I tried connecting my Ethernet cord into the box but I wasn’t getting an internet connection.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Only one port on the ONT is live. 
Your PS4 would also need to manage all routing issues as well, so even if you plug it into port 1 it may not work.


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Thanks! Do you have any suggestions on how I should connect it if doesn’t work in the ONT box? I just switched to Telus Internet, before I was using Shaw and had to use a switch to hardwire it.

Don't you have a T3200M modem/router? You should be able to plug it into an ethernet port on the T3200M. If you do not have enough available ports there is the small ZyXEL switch which can give you more ports. Telus may give you one if you are out of ports as I believe the servicemen carry them in their truck.