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Online Gaming

Hey Everyone! Wanted to start a thread for discussion around all things gaming. From PC gaming to consoles, everything and anything about games. Are you #TeamXbox or do you ride with SONY? Did you know that the inaugural TELUS Esports Series is under...

A-B by Community Manager
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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as: Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB Being able to check your email ...

psl by Neighbourhood Alum
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Telus Gigabit internet extremely SLOW.

Card), and laptop (with intel i211 gigabit Network Card) are both getting this extremely slow speed.All these tests were conducted from a different time of the day to avoid the busy high volume load on the server-side. Test from the (We...

MikeZ by Just Moved In
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Telus Wi-Fi Hub Missing speed tests.

I logged into my Wi-Fi hub from both the app and direct to the modem. The speed test function is no longer available. Does anyone know where this went to? For a week I was only getting about 500mbps on the 940 plan. Now I can't really test it direct ...

Gras by Neighbour
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T3200M - help with cumbersome scheduling access

Hello, I'm trying to setup "Scheduling Access" in my T3200M to limit how late my son can play his PlayStation into the wee hours of the morning I do find the T3200M scheduling interface cumbersome to use because I want to restrict access past midnigh...

dubmon by Neighbour
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Telus Wifi Booster.

I recently had a Telus technician come by to set up fibre optic and he gave us 1 booster. On the app and videos it said that we need two, one connected to the modem and one wherever its needed most. Did he mess up and only give us one?

Land phone In operative

SW Calgary Telus indicates no outages No dial tone Display shows Line in use. Several callers report “no reply”. Checked Telus my home connection with a touch phone - silence Ok this am Lost Telus about 3pm

Nord by Just Moved In
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Call control with Fibre

Hi all, Do you know if you can now get the call control feature if you have fibre? I used to have the service a couple of years ago and loved it, but then we switched to fibre and it wasn’t supported...only worked if you had copper. Telus said at the...

Kelneu by Just Moved In
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What CAT for wifi boosters?

HiI recently had Optik tv installed. I want to run Ethernet to each box. I also want wifi boosters at the same locations. I have CAT 7 cables for the Optik boxes do I need the same for the boosters or can I use some old 5s that I have? I’d like to ru...

Frznrth by Connector
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Chromecast and Google Nest spotty with Telus router

I recently upgraded to Telus fibre and my Chromecast and Nest have been spotty ever since. Sometimes they connect with no problem.Sometimes I have to powercycle my tv and phone several times before I can finally see the Chomecast and NestSometimes I ...

CFAR by Just Moved In
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