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Just Moved In
Just signed a 16 month lease in Edmonton. Just wanted to know if I sign up for a 2 year term with Telus, am I able to transfer the services after the 16 months to a new house without penalties.


@Luitingh  I would say yes. I went to my account and under internet clicked manage you can supply a new address. Then your services can follow you is what they say. Only thing your current internet package may not be available at new address copper fiber thing. You can do your address change and they should get back to you ? Best talk to billing by phone early am in work week to make sure. Good luck let this panel know what happens. Polecat

Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall, someone here found it not transferable. In addition, the service you would have at your current location, may not be available at your new home. You’ll need to determine if the 4 month penalty can be waived if you cancel and re-subscribe, or if not, does the benefit of the discount outweigh the penalty of early cancellation.


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I moved from a fibre to non fibre area and was able to keep my tv plan but with a downgrade in internet mid way through my contract with no penalty but with a new two year term.


I was able to transfer mine without penalty but both my old and new places had fibre so I didn't downgrade my services. I've also been with Telus for years so that may have played a factor.