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Telus Fiber ONT Etherchanneling

Do you know if the Telus Fiber ONT supports 802.1q and/or Etherchannel trunking?What I have is a border firewall and I'd like to dedicate my second Telus IP for outbound latency sensitive traffic like gaming and video. Attached is what I'm trying to ...

Untitled Diagram.png
Dexter_M by Just Moved In
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Webmail frequently logs me out

This has been happening for over a year now - I use webmail because I might be accessing my email from 4 or 5 different devices so want it all available from wherever I am. I share most of those devices so don't want to use Outlook or the iPad's mail...

srcook by Neighbour
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Resolved! Wi-Fi boost and original network

Can anyone tell me if or how I can configure one network using the telus Wi-Fi boosters?We just installed telus pure fiber (from Shaw) and realized that 5G coverage was limited. Installed a couple of boosters which solved the problem of 5G coverage b...

AaronQ by Friendly Neighbour
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Port Forwarding on T2200H

I have read so many posts pertaining to Telus Port Forwarding, with contradicting information. Some state Telus blocks all ports on a Non Static IP plan, others state Telus blocks specific Ports (21, 80, etc). To the point... I have been trying for a...

Chrisq by Organizer
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Resolved! Returning equipment

I cancelled my services over a month ago and still haven’t received a box to return my equipment. I’ve called numerous times and get a different answer every time. One of them being they are going to charge me for the equipment first then send me the...

Internet Issues.

Hello. I am having issues connecting our mobile phones to our telus wifi. However, our tv is still connected.

kdcassy by Just Moved In
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Wondering about potentially high latency at condo

Hi guys, I just had fiber installed at a condo today (after a ton of issues with the wiring supposedly) and when doing a speed test the tech was getting around 33 ms to the nearest server. Currently at home with telus to the same server on speedtest....

Gurv1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Home Assistant/Google Home - not linking/broken

Hello, Any idea why this is not working? Id like to link my Google Home to my Telus Account so that I can voice control my OptikTV box via GH but I cannot because of some "broken link"

ADC by Organizer
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Telus down?

Is Telus down in Vancouver? Tv and phone it not working

DZ by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet 25 - 2 Year Term

Hi, I'm a new customer looking to set up Internet 25. It looks like there are 2 options, either no fixed term or 2 year fixed term which has better price promotions. I found another web page (

kw11 by Just Moved In
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