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Telus hooked up the fibre optic cable to the house today, but issues....


Hi all, 


Hoping to get some answers to this HUGE question...


The Telus tech just installed the fibre optic cable to the house today but said wait 24 hours to call. I looked online but it still shows no availability in our area. The Tech told me that it's all hooked up, just need to activate and get the hardware.


Why would it still show unavailable in our area??



@Loadie  I would think there is a bunch of paperwork that has to done to bring up that the property has the fiber installed to it. They would not see it until the tech sends it in the morning. Might take a couple days my guess.



@Loadie  Now that you can get fiber. Study the options for internet speed ------tv--------and your home phone moved to fiber. Ask for a battery backup as fiber does not work during power outage. You might find doing all three is a $ advantaged to you. Just guessing  Polecat

Thanks for the info!


We've gotten away from the old home phone thing, lol. Haven't had one in a few years now. We've only got cell phones, but with Telus as well. I'll also be switching from Shaw Direct to Telus for TV as well. I see they have deals ongoing right now. 


Just need them to recognize we have the fibre optic to the house to schedule an install!!!!!


@Loadie  I think everything has to go through the construction dept to get to the sales desk several days possibly.We have a cell only for road trips only  prepaid. $100 a yr all we need .Enjoy your fiber.


@Loadie  Think your installation through carefully. How to get to tv-S  I assume the ont will be in basement with a plug available. Try to place the router in a place that allow cate cable or wifi to service the places you want. Second tv receiver i fed on wifi from first tv (pvr) by wifi. they have adapters that can make use of the coax cables. I have telus satellite so not shure  on tv wiring. Tech can tell you what you need.