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New Westminster BC - Stuck on Internet15!


I've been a long-time Telus customer and want to upgrade my service.  Unfortunately, the network connections (or whatever it is called) are full in my New Westminster neighbourhood, so I'm stuck at Internet 15 speeds with no ability to upgrade to anything faster!  I've called Telus and written to their 'my issue isn't resolved' line and received no response.  When I was commuting to work, this was less of an issue than today where I am working from home constantly, trying to move large files across a VPN, and videoconferencing over Zoom.  


I've been with Telus for 10+ years but am seriously looking at switching to Shaw because the situation is so bad and improvement is unachievable.  Anyone know how I can get some real answers about if/when my neighbourhood is going to get upgraded and what the problem is?  




Community Power User
Community Power User

Fibre upgrades to area infrastructure and in home installs have been on hold due to Covid. From what Telus said in the past they plan to upgrade most areas to fibre and there are a number of cities in the lower mainland with fibre already. Unfortunately there is no way to get any information on specifically when your area in New West is getting upgraded.

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Thanks for your reply.  At least as of a few weeks ago, Telus is back doing home installs, as I had called to upgrade, and they said I could get to Internet 50.  Appointment was booked and cancelled the day of when they said they couldn't upgrade me, so I don't think COVID-19 is the hold up it once was (at least for home installs).


Disappointing to say the least that I can't get information on the roadmap for infrastructure upgrades.  It would be different if I could get Internet 50 or Internet 75 but I'm completely stuck at an atrocious network speed for what I need.


Appreciate the response nonetheless!