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Issue with Wi-Fi

Just Moved In

Recently I have been getting ping spikes on Wi-Fi while playing games like League of Legends, I've never had this issue before. It would spike to 200ms-500ms every 3 mins. I do not have this issue with ethernet. Should I contact Telus Customer support or are there some steps I should do first?

(I pinged multiple websites at a time using Pingplotter and all of them spike at the same time. I ran Pingplotter on my other computer which is hardwired and did not spike at all.) 


Just Moved In

I am on the Internet 75 plan.
I have the Actiontec T3200M with a Actiontec WEB6000Q
Both of them are transmitting a Wi-Fi connection, both are having the Wi-Fi ping issue.
Both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS are set to CloudFlare's DNS Servers.