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Internet usage

Just Moved In
How can I tell what's using all my internet I'm at 987gb with 4 days still to go

Log in to your My Telus online account and check your daily usage. Try to correlate the high usage dates to your activities those days.

Typically it's someone streaming media or downloading large files like OS updates.


Windows 10 allows you to see exactly which processes are using data, how much, and also allow you to set a global limit.



If you find that your Windows PC is not using data, log into the modem and make sure that no other WIFI clients are connected to it, as a precaution you may want to change the password and see if your data usage stops.




TELUS MY my Wi-Fi app is also very helpful 🙂 

Friendly Neighbour

Usage that high is some form of data sharing or a particularly large family. As an example, 3 adults in my house streaming movies/Netflix, twitch, uploading to youtube and gaming, basically 24-7 is roughly 350-450 gb monthly, with occasional spikes when downloading a new game that's particularly large. I'd start with making sure you don't have someone in the household downloading/uploading entire libraries of games, movies or something else, as that can add up quickly. I would also assume every streaming user in the house is going to be consuming between 150-200 gb each. 

Otherwise your biggest hitters are running a website/server, network access storage or any equivalent style downloading/uploading, BTC farming or resource sharing is another big one, and all of the above but due to a nefarious program/virus or illicit access to your wireless.