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VDSL2 over Fibre?

Our house has home phones, fax machine and VDSL2 but they have been suffering due to the aging copper wire connections on the utility pole. The Telus support suggested the Telus tech could visit and install the Fibre connection while retaining my hom...

pllc by Just Moved In
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Wifi equipment

I'm moving to another house and it's my first time to purchase the internet plan, so I'm wondering if I need to prepare any devices such as a router or something else, or will I get one which is included in my internet plan?

ZRT0315 by Just Moved In
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Is Moca on FAX5000 a 2.5 port?

just upgrade my internet plan to fiber X, but the modem(FXA5000) that Telus provide only has 110gb port which already connected to Fiber box(new nokia black box), rest of 4 ports are gb port. right now either i need a router support 2.5gb which cost ...

qqzzxx319 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Re-mapping at your router

How do I map domain names on my router/modem(T3200m) in the configurations? I want to apply specific ip addresses to websites but I can't find the option to add it on the modem/router settings.

Pleasable by Just Moved In
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SMTP for Old IP Camera

Hi, I need a SSL only smtp server , like that work before on port 25 without ssl or port 465 with ssl With for email , I can only make this work with TLS, but my Ip camera not support it, I need ssl only...

ma006 by Organizer
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Internet plan update notices

Recevied two texts in a row a week or so back indicating 1) unlimited data in my Smart Hub now, and 2) additional 100 GB data for mobility plan. Things like this . . . I look and dismiss and figure a scam . . . Anyway, checking my account, well . . ....

terra3 by Organizer
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Nothing is starting

I needed to change outlets for my modem. In order to plug a powerline adapter, I unplugged the entire system modem, cable box, router were all connected, now nothing is starting after I plugged it back into a working outlet

port forwarding nightmare need genius help

Hello - hoping for a resident genius to help with port forwarding on FXA5000. Recently moved, in the old house the same model, FXA5000 had port forwarding/mapping with plex and rdp working correctly and ports open confirmed via Wind...

thejudge by Just Moved In
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