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Add another router to ONT

I have the Telus Wifi Hub/Modem connected to LAN1 on the ONT. What I am wondering is can I connect my Telus T3200 to LAN2 on the ONT just for one dedicated PC separate from the Wifi hub?

Davyseal by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Blacklisted Telus IP address

HelloI am having email bounce back from and when I checked with the web site host, Shaw Business, they were able to determine that my IP address is being Blacklisted by all Hostopia Providers. I am sending the email thru my business...

seanF by Neighbour
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Can't change address in profile to receive refund

I've moved to another city and switched to Shaw. I just checked my final Telus bill and because my bill is prepaid there is a nice refund coming to me. The problem is, Telus shut down my account options such as changing my address so now the refund w...

MMG41 by Just Moved In
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Telus Support Call Back

I appreciate the option to have support call me back instead of having to wait on the phone.However, the purpose of call back is completely defeated when I receive the call back and then I am immediately put ON HOLD (today 15 minutes, previously over...

Steve7 by Organizer
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PureFibre Installation Ground Repair Needed

I am not a current Telus customer but that shouldn't matter. The neighborhood PureFibre installation has left 2 significant holes in my front yard and damage to the public sidewalk. I attempted to report these issues to Telus nearly 2 months ago. The...

GB123 by Just Moved In
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Internet Configuration Help

Hi, Currently in my home I have the T3200M Router. Telus Techs set it up in the most inconvenient location possible. I currently have A Telus Boost Wi-Fi kit connected to it. I just bought a new router (TP- Link Archer AX10). What would be the best p...

Zylia by Neighbour
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Cancel internet with 1.5 years contract left?

I moved to a small town. There’s a local Telus dealer, I went in and was told my only internet option is rural internet with 25mbps at over $100/month in total. I signed up through the online agent as I was told I would get my internet faster if I in...

Harry777 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Using IR remote on Optic TV STB

Hello,I have a Telus Optic TV box model # VIP5662WI'm trying to get a universal remote working with this device, it's a Sofabaton U1 that supports IR but not Bluetooth. Is this possible? I found a device in it's compatible device list, under Arris VI...

jbooth by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Billing

What is my monthly bill for my wifi

Erik2 by Just Moved In
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