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T3200M router and Wi-Fi Boosters. Configuration issue.

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Hello, I have been scouring this forum and I am new to it. A ton of great information but I cannot find the answers to my dilemma. I purchased two sets of Telus Wi-Fi boosters and one expansion booster. I wanted to add all of the boosters to my network to have coverage across my home and out to my garage. I was only able to configure one set of boosters to my T3200M router. I cannot add any more to the network. The additional boosters when added using the app flash blue and the configuration process will not finish on the app. Is there another way to add the other three boosters without using the app? Another question is, do all the boosters have to have the same firmware to work? Thanks for any and all help. 


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Community Power User

"Is there another way to add the other three boosters without using the app?"

Yes, you can find the IP address of the boost device in the settings of the T3200M, and then use it to login to the webmin page using the credentials on the boost device. You will need to set up one at a time.


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Thanks for the reply NFtoBC, I obviously should hard reset the remaining ones and then connect them one at a time via Ethernet to my router and configure them to my Wifi SSID? Thanks again!