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switch from internet 50 to purefibre

When I go to "Manage internet plan" under my Telus account I only see Telus Internet XX plans (where XX is a number). Is it possible to switch PureFibre?Do I need to go to Telus store?Does it cost extra, say to switch from Telus Internet 50 to PureFi...

phoxd by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Wifi Hub manual DNS not working

Hello, I have the new Telus Wifi Hub gateway and I am trying to set it up so that it configures connected clients to use a local DNS server that I have in my LAN. I go to Network > LAN and change the DNS Server address to a local IP on my network, ho...

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Nozzy by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Structured cabling for fibre and home phone

Hello. I’m doing a full basement reno in our 70 year old house, so all the walls and ceilings are open for excellent access for wiring. We plan to install ethernet cabling and phone lines to several locations in the basement and on the main floor. Ou...

Rubato by Helpful Neighbour
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Boost Wifi Question

Is it possible to just hardwire the devices so I can have a bigger wifi range without loosing any speed?

Resolved! Does Telus fix Compromised IP address issues on my PC or should I pay the Microsoft Tech Support?

I received a phone call from the Microsoft Technical Support Team this morning stating that they have noticed my computer is running off of a compromised IP address from my ISP (which I receive from Telus). They told me they can connect to my compute...

New Installation - Not a TELUS customer, yet

Newbie here… is this the place to ask TELUS some questions.The ground utility box is directly in our front yard. Last year, some neighbors had fibre-opti cable installations and I saw the technicians making connections at that ground utility box. I h...

Admin Password changes automatically

Every time I try to log in to the Telus router as Admin, as soon as I press on the login the password changes and sometimes doesn't let me enter.Always it says your password is longer than 15 characters which is not true. Every single time I have to ...

Sam49 by Friendly Neighbour
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Static Public IP address

Good Evening, I need to set my public IP address as static IP address so that every morning when I need to connect to the company's server (after turning off the internet router at night) I don't have any problem.I tried the DHCP reservation with MAC...

Sam49 by Friendly Neighbour
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