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My Internet Is Slower Since Upgrading

I have an issue with my Telus internet that I'm hoping someone might have an idea about. Today, I upgraded from Internet 25 to Internet 150, and my internet speeds are slower after the upgrade. According to the Telus website, I should be getting down...

Roteco by Organizer
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Looking to get Telus.

Hi, so i am looking to get Telus as my current provider is not working out.I used to have a Telus phone line running to my residence but its been cut off.What would be the estimate for installing another line + internet plan?

Kampfur by Just Moved In
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Boost Wi-Fi and T3200M Firmware Update

Hi, found the below text here: (posted 05-20-2018 03:30 PM) Hello, I'm a Telus tech.Currently the T3200 doesn't support the Boost directly but with the upcoming firmwar...

Hero by Neighbour
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New tower

Anybody know when the new tower in Forest Grove BC is supposed to be completed?thanks!

Joe123 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bridge mode vs using a switch for 3rd party router

What are the advantages/disadvantages for both methods? Which would provide faster speeds?Method 1:ONT >>> 5 Port switchFrom the 5 port switch:Port 1 >>> T3200M >>> Telus Optik TV Boxes x 3Port 2 >>> My Own Router >>> All devices on my networkMethod ...

Resolved! Moca? Coax passthrough?

Hi. I have a T3200M modem. I live in an apartment. I mostly use WIFI, but want my 'Smart' TV connected via ethernet. Problem is, TV is in another room. Fortunately there is a coax wall plate that connects the 2 rooms. I've made the coax jack essentia...

Resolved! More Purefibre harassment

I am not a Telus TV or internet client, but I did agree to have PureFibre installed in my house. Since then, I have been accosted at home by two aggressive salespersons to convert from my current provider to Telus on the spot (the last guy tried a se...

Ceekay by Just Moved In
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3rd party router bridge mode

hi there I don't know a lot about modem I have a 3rd party router and I wanted to know if I have to put the T3200M in to bridge mode or can I just turn off the wireless?

leeman1 by Just Moved In
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