TELUS Boost or Google Wifi




I currently have TELUS Gigabit Internet, Optik TV and TELUS Home Security. Our home is a 3 floor townhouse, ActionTec T3200M is currently in the living room closet where the patch panel is.


Need better wifi for the third floor, can barely connect to 2.4GHz band, 5GHz can't even be seen by devices. 


Considering either TELUS Boost or Google Wifi.


TELUS Boost I read has some performance issues but really easy to set up, and can maintain security devices on the existing wireless network


Google also is east to set up, has brackets available to plug directly into the outlet and is highly rated.


My question is: if I go with Google, can both wifi networks operate well at the same time? Or should I disable the ActionTec wifi?


My plan would be to only use the ActionTec to connect my wired devices and only use wireless for the Home Security stuff. Mobile phones, tablets etc. would be moved to Google.


Is this a good practice?




I've had Boost for a couple of years and it's been fine, but not spectacular. It was significantly cheaper than the other options. It's starting to have some issues as I move to different areas in my house, but I think that's generally common for Mesh systems. Honestly, I'd look at the return policy, try which ever one is cheaper and see how you're feeling. I have a friend with Google Wifi and he's been happy with it. 


I have a T3200 with LAN-port 1 bridged to an Asus ac86U router.  They sit right beside each other with no interference issues that I've noticed. The T3200 has great performance but most of my wireless clients are on the Asus. (phones, lights, switches etc.) I leave the 'Smart Steering' (Asus calls it Smart Connect) on with no issues for 21 clients. The routers are at ground level in a 1300 sq ft house with good coverage throughout the entire property. (2.4g)




I would honestly go with neither of those options. A because Telus and the router itself has proved itself lacking So I wouldn't further invest in their ecosystem. I also would not go with any Google products in my house. Take a look at Eero. Even the 5 instead of the new one that supports Wifi 6. I put my router in bridge mode and use the Eero now and it's almost 3 times what I was getting with the T3200M. I feel bad for people living in a full sized house with Telus routers. I live in a micro suite downtown and the internet from the modem they provided is still horrible. What are your speeds in the vicinity of the router? Just playing repeaters is not going to improve speed that much. 


Thanks all for your comments and recommednations. I think I'll go with the Eero 6 Mesh WiFi setup