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Migration Mess

Just Moved In

Have more than one email for shopping accounts, and one just for family, one general catchall. Used the same contact list in Outlook.  Easy and simple.  Now I'm told after the fact, and after Outlook is 100% screwed up, that even though I'm one person with more than one email, my contact list can't be shared between my own email addresses in gmail.  And emails that were deleted (truly deleted from anywhere I could see) re-populated into gmail.  Looked back and ALL my email in Outlook got a new received date ranging between day of migration and 2 days prior.  Important dated files are screwed up.  Telus's suggestion open each one and look.   Oh, my 20-24 flagged messages turned into 1259.  After hours and hours maybe I'll get some order back but won't be a fan of Telus for a while. 


Scenario: what if a family was sharing one computer but with separate emails in Outlook. Yesterday Little Johnny easily emailed grandma. And if Mom forgets to update grandma's email address in Johnny's, Suzie's and Betty's contact lists well no messages get to grandma.  Little Johnny doesn't understand how something so simple, logical, common, got overlooked or wasn't considered important.  


Hours with Telus after waiting hours produced ZERO satisfaction; and of course, we can't go back to something that worked.  Well done Telus.