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Resolved! Do VPNs work?

Just thinking about privacy issues and want to know about having a VPN. Will it help and does running one slow down my internet speeds?

Pitchblack by Friendly Neighbour
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Speed test.

I did a speed test on my network. Wirelessly my laptop says Download: 610.58 MbpsUpload: 480.76 MbpsPing: 1 MSIs this a normal result for a home network connection? I know that doing an ethernet connection would be best but sometimes having it wirele...

Pitchblack by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Fiber with Ubiquiti Dream Machine

Hi everyone,I have the Telus fiber coming into the Arcadyan Router and I am planning to get the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro(UDM). The UDM has 1 SFP+WAN port(10GbE), 1 SFP+ LAN Ports, and 1 RJ45 WAN Port. Click here for the UDM specifications. I am loo...

Ming by Organizer
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Resolved! Telus fibre service location

Hey guys,So telus has recently installed fibre in our neighbourhood. Great right? Well i turns out where it enters our house is on the wrong side of the house, across from our furnace/panel room. It enters about half way up the wall in one of our bas...

MDL87 by Just Moved In
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TELUS DSL Problems

TELUS Servers for DSL are really unreliable. I keep unplugging my T3200M modem to get a new ip address, however that does not work. Anything else I can do?

DennyH19 by Helpful Neighbour
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TELUS Servers too far from location

Hello everyone, I had Telus internet for 3 years and the IP addresses they provide to me is so slow it reminds me of dial up internet. The Telus DSL Servers are so unreliable and it doesn’t work as fast as any other providers. What can I do to get a ...

DennyH19 by Helpful Neighbour
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TLDR:Canadian ISPs need to get their crap together. Telus did not inform me I could no longer have internet until I called in on install day. The excuse they provided is either BS. If SHAW is not giving Telus permission to use the SHARED conduit, the...

heezus29 by Neighbour
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Wifi6 Boost and myWifi app

Is there any known issues adding the new Boost wifi6 to or the Network Access Hub to the my Wi-Fi app?I had these two units installed to replace my modem (Arcadyan) and the app is still showing the old modem and I can’t add any of the new equipment t...

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