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Payment error

Just Moved In

I am currently outside of Canada and encountered an issue while trying to make a payment scheduled for November 20 through my BMO Bank account. Unfortunately, an error occurred, and the transaction did not go through.

In an attempt to resolve this, I accessed my Telus account and tried to make the payment using my card, but that also proved unsuccessful.

I am eager to ensure the payment is completed by the 20th of November. Could you please provide guidance on how I can successfully make this payment? Your assistance in resolving this matter promptly would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.


If you can’t pay online, give them a call and make a payment through a Rep on the phone.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good suggestion, @jackrabbit000. If you're abroad, you can call our "roaming support" number via:  +1 416 940 5995. If the payment is for home services, you can ask this team to transfer you to the appropriate line of business.