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Telus Intermet serice agreement issue

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please advice and point me in right direction of what to do in this case.


i found someone offering a good deal on marketplace for telus internet.

so i talked to guy and got the internet connection (so far good)


then i recieved service agreement but price was not what was promised so i talked to him and he assured withing couple days i will get another agreement with all the cost as we discussed.

now i have been talking to him many times since and havent recieved any changes in agreement. 


the cost on current agreement is way too high. and i dont see the person helping me out in getting the promised rates. what should be my next steps ?


please help and advice.




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Community Power User

“on marketplace”

To my knowledge, Telus does not sell through (Facebook) marketplace. 
If the costs are too high, cancel during your trial period.

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Telus has authorised sales representatives/ small businesses (3rd party vendors) who advertise on marketplace and not Telus directly.