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Bad Driving by Telus Employees

Just Moved In

I was waiting behind a Telus service vehicle to turn right at the intersection of 85 Street and Connors Road in Edmonton.  It is a right turn only lane.  Despite breaks in the traffic on Connors Road, the Telus service vehicle in front of me did not turn.  I tooted my horn but he still did not move and traffic was piling up behind me.  Eventually when all the traffic in all the eastbound lanes of Connors Road was clear, the Telus vehicle drove out, turning illegally to the left against and driving around a curbed median to enter the far left eastbound lane on Connors Road so that he could turn left on 85 Street.  Not only is this illegal, but it is also dangerous and ignorant.  The Telus service vehicle was driving out from the Telus Yard at Bonnie Doon Mall at about 3:15 pm.  Telus Illegal Turn.jpg


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, @HARABB. We definitely expect our drivers to observe all rules of the road. I think I have enough details to forward it to our fleet team to follow-up with the driver. We don't share outcomes publicly but we can expect coaching to come from it if/when substantiated by the team. Thanks for flagging this to us!