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Telus Fibre 1.5 installation

Okay finally Telus updated our area and I have installation appointment in 2 weeks. I have some questionHow do I make the subcontractor install an underground "drop cable"? I already told the subcontractor, I prefer underground, instead of cutting a ...

Dan2022 by Just Moved In
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Customize content control

Is there a way I can customize what sort of content to filter out? Right now, it seems that "adult" is the only option. I would like to filter out scammy stuff like miracle cures, get rich secrets, secrets your doctor doesn't want you to know, etc. T...

row by Just Moved In
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Wifi sticker cards replacements

Hello,I was wondering if anyone knows where Telus gets the wifi sticker cards made that show the wifi information, it’s same one that is stuck on the side of your modem.I’d like to make a few more and stick them in a few different places in a rental ...

Dgc by Helpful Neighbour
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Internet Speed

We've been paying for Telus 300Mbps for 3 years and have never gotten anywhere near that speed. The router/modem (Telus T3200M) is in the basement and we have a Telus Booster on each floor. We average 85-90 for both download & upload. We've had Telus...

Utility box wraps

Does anyone know what department I need to contact to request the utility box outside my home is either cleaned of graffiti or can have it wrapped? Appreciate any kind responses, Thanks.

jl1988 by Just Moved In
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Home internet

I was using my home internet and everything was fine all of sudden it stopped, i see green lights but no internet connection on the app it shows the my modem is offline. I live in Vancouver Downtown. I did restart my modem 3 times but didn’t work plz...

Salah98 by Just Moved In
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Gig Fibre Upload - 0.0?

I can't figure out why hardwired in, with a 1 Gig service I'm getting no upload speed at all? Speed tested with different apps, power cycled and checked all connections - no dice.

Telus Booster

I see my booster in the Telus Connect app, but now I want to login to its admin interface using my browser. The password on the back of the booster unit doesn't work - any ideas?

Thu Aug 04, 2022 4-05-06 PM.png

Downed Fibre Line

Hi Telus. Our fibre is down and has been hanging onto the street disrupting traffic all day. Of course, we have had no service…interest, Optic TV, home phone…all day as well.After a combined four hours ofcalling/emailing/on line form submission/Faceb...

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