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Transferring T3200M to another phone jack in same house




I'm currently on the basic Telus Internet 25 and still using the T3200M modem via the phone jack. Telus installed the model in top floor of our home many years ago. Now I want to transfer it to the ground floor where the WIFI signal can reach the basement and garage better. But before I do that and bring the entire home network offline, I did the following test.


I have a spare T3200M which I connected to an active/enabled phone jack on the ground floor to see it will pick up a WAN IP address - but it wasn't able to. Is this because Telus provides only one WAN IP address? I recall they used to provide 2 IPs but that was many years ago.


Also, would I need to use a ADSL/VDSL line splitter on the ground floor phone outlet? We are no longer using landline phones - so was wondering if the splitter is still needed for a clean signal.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I’m going to guess when your modem was set up it was not on the telephone circuit (usually red/green) but on the alternate (yellow/black) circuit, or similar if ethernet cable is installed. You would need to find the demarcation point, and see how the wiring is set to the existing room, and set the other room’s jack to match.

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