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Resolved! Wifi Calling

I purchased a telephone connected through a smart hub. My calls are consistently dropped at just over 11 minutes. My telephone provider checked their end and could not determine any problems (my call to them was even dropped). They said there is a sw...

Theb by Organizer
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Port Forwarding on Telus Wi-Fi Hub

I am trying to port forward 7 of my cameras on the new Telus Wi-Fi hub (there is no model number associated with this modem, it is just white and sort of cylindrical in shape). Basically, I would like to port forward on port 556. on the ...

Pbrise by Organizer
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Hello I recently bought purefibre internet I have an issue tuning with my Xbox Clare to Shaw 600 on my Xbox it says I have 600 Mbps but when I upload or down load something I have 10 Mbps witch is making it take longer then the Shaw 600 where I got 1...

iDahl by Just Moved In
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Optic Tv &internet

I have had optic tv and internet for a couple of weeks. I have nothing now. My modem has orange light for internet, green for Wi-Fi. Have tried restarting modem, reset modem and nothing helps.

Lavonneg by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Trying to find out if I can get Fibre and how.

I'm with another ISP right now. But I'd like true Fibre. My understanding is that there is fibre in my area, but not connected to my building.So I'm trying to find out what exactly Telus needs in order to make that happen. what kind of areas would th...

DenisN by Just Moved In
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IPv6 with WiFi Hub in bridge mode

I need to be on an IPv6 network to do work from home so I just got fibre installed today. Everything is working great out of the box with the white garbage can router. Using I can see my external IPv6 address, able to connect t...

foobar by Just Moved In
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50Mbps support how many devices

Hello I am living in Royal Oak , Calgary I am currently using other provider which they offered me 600Mbps but tell you the truth the internet sucks and always buffer Problem is Telus doesnt have more than 50Mbps connection for my address. and Curren...

Resolved! Turning off WiFi on a PureFibre modem

I would like to turn off the WiFi radio on the PureFibre modem. Is there a way to do this? I can see the option to pause WiFi on the myWiFi app, but that merely pauses access to all devices connected to it - including the wired ones! I want to turn t...

ElrinV by Just Moved In
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