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Resolved! Medicine Hat, AB

When does Telus plan to install their fiber network here? I'm being offered some SHAW promotions right now and considering doing a 2 year plan with them but I don't want to if Telus can get fiber here within the year.

Rakunar by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Favorites List

Curious how come my channels listings keep reverting back to "all channels". I switched it to "subscribed channels", but I notice every few days it reverts back to "all channels". Also, is there a way to adjust the number of seconds the skip button d...

RobbyD by Organizer
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Building upgrade?

I live in a building with ETTS 50 in downtown Vancouver. 50??! Who do I gotta talk to about getting something better than having to go to Shaw or calling Novus can come into the building? Is that limitation from the building, or Telus?

D-Mac by Just Moved In
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Caller ID Problem

Greetings, When someone calls me from a particular number, the call display says "unknown". When they leave a message, their number shows in the voice message system. How can I get their number to show in both caller ID and the voice mail system? The...

Shane by Leader
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Terrible connection a short distance from the router

I am on a 150 mbps plan with the Actiontec T3200M router. Despite the plan being 150 mbps, however, this speed isn't nearly achieved on any device in the household, no matter the proximity to the router. Of all devices connected, my personal computer...


How do you just up and lose an appointment....

How do you guys just up and lose an appointment that I made over two weeks ago, then tell me it's for yesterday only for nothing to happen, then today tell me I have to cut into work time or wait a week and miss a week's worth if video calls with my ...

Jpop by Neighbour
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Telus Outage Saddlecrest Area

There’s been an internet, optik TV, and phone outages since last night. How long it will take to fix the problem? there is no status update in your website! I am draining ng cellphone data!

Resolved! Pure Fibre and My Account credentials

Hi Maybe someone can help me out here. With Pure Fibre we do not get any email accounts, is this right? So what will my account credentials be? Do I need to use any email address from one of my "free (or paid) email" providers? Sorry, I jus...

clint17 by Coach
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Weird internet downs

We have Telus fibre 150, unlimited internet bandwidth (as far as I know), the 3200 modem and a TP Link 16 port switch downstream.We use Optic for TV and have mostly one TV running out of 3 connected at a time. I also have a kid hoocked up with a PC t...

Ghost by Organizer
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