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Devices not choosing to connect to booster

Just Moved In

We just got our modem switched to the new Telus wifi hub and added a booster, but I see on the My Wifi app that some devices are choosing to connect to the hub instead of the booster, even if the booster is closer.


My room is furthest from the hub but my phone insists on connecting to it even if it means dropping wifi completely cause of the bad connection. Even when I stand next to the booster and forget the network on my phone and then reconnect to wifi, it still won't choose the booster.


Is there something I can do about this?


Is your booster hardwired with an ethernet cable? Is your booster named the same as your router (hub)?

If they have the same name you might need to test the speed to figure out if the app might be wrong about which device is handling your phone.

If the booster is wireless your devices might detect the connection is faster/better connecting to the hub or the booster is not acting in a mesh network configuration with the hub. You can try having different names for the booster and hub.

Download a speed test app and compare connected to the booster vs hub standing right next to the booster and hub respectively. Also, you need to turn off and on your wifi once you are next to either booster or hub for accurate results. If the speed is the similar in both situations then everything is working normally IF the booster is hardwired. In wireless mode the booster might yield slower results than the hub.