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installing fibre in a townhouse?

Just Moved In

I have Fibre available. Telus has fibre ran to the townhouse complex's communication room. There's underground piping connecting to my garage where I have a phone/data/cable panel. 

If I was to upgrade to Fibre. Could they just pull the fibre to this panel in the garage, and then somehow convert to the existing cat.6 cables that are in my house? Basically I want my router/modem on the top floor of my house - without an ugly fibre cable running inside on the walls/floors etc.


Is this realistic or am I dreaming? Looking at the 1gbps fibre plan if that makes any difference.


thanks all!



Yes they can put the ONT adapter there as long as you have a power plug available at that spot and do not need the 1.5Gigabit speed package.


The router can be physically separate from this location no problem if you have existing rj45 Cat5e or better network wire between these locations to use as the network cable.  It's just regular gigabit network from that point.  


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you put the router on the top floor of the house, it will be the only room where ethernet connected devices can be placed, everything else will have to be wireless. On the other hand, if you put the router in the cabinet in the garage, the existing ethernet runs to various rooms can be used.


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