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Fibre optic cable installation

Telus is installing Fibre optic cable in our neighborhood this summer. And yes my tree branches encroach on the utility corridor in front of our house but you would think that the installers could at least try to tieback or use a pruning shear to mak...

GOMyyc by Just Moved In
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Troubleshooting Internet Issue

Hi there, I had Telus Home Security installed back in April or May of this year (indoor camera, thermostat control panel). Since then, my Telus PureFibre Internet 300 has been quite slow and not performing at its potential. Recently, I attempted to f...

kypaco by Just Moved In
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Telus/Google email

Does Telus offer a discount if you don't use their email servers? Ever since Telus switched to using Google the email service has been terrible. I've had to turn to other ISPs for proper email service.

GDB by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Payment via Mailed Cheque

I would like to pay my monthly Telus Internet bill via mailed paper cheque.Could I please have the details of how to pay with this method?Which address to send it to, who to list as the payee, and how to link it to my account etc.Thank you.

Zte279 hub reboots

Today my zte279 hub keeps restarting its done it 4 time within 5 hours. What can I do to fixThanks

Momklein by Neighbour
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Services available at my actual address

I am trying to determine what services are available at my street address. In so doing, I have learned that Telus has assigned a “made up” service address consisting of the correct street name and number but a different town name and different postal...

Homeboy by Friendly Neighbour
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LONG waits on the phone for customer service

I just spent a frustrating 2.5 hours on the phone waiting for and then talking to customer service. (Before that, I tried to get my problem solved on-line.) When the agent(s) spoke to me they were courteous but by the time the call was picked up, I w...

annekaye by Just Moved In
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Channel missing on optik box but shows up on app

Hey all ! I had YTV for the longest time, but just recently it disappeared from my channels list on the box, but it still shows up on the Telus optik app. And I’m able to view it. I checked the customize my guide section in settings and it’s checked....

Jbolger94 by Just Moved In
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