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Why am i playing for pure fiber when the service isn't being delivered?

I spent the better part of 2 and a half hours on the phone last night with customer service. Initially for my "940 download/940 upload plan I've been speed testing around 200 download 100 upload. So after being on the phone for a long time, somehow he got it to 500 for each. I was okay with that. This morning, it's back down to 268/113. how can they justify charging these rates to customers without having to fulfill their end of the service with little to no repercussions. I'm getting fed up with this and from the forum, i am far from being just a one off scenario. Does anyone have any ideas what i can do to remedy this on my own? I don't want to waste more hours on hold unless i have to.

Friendly Neighbour
We are getting zero internet or tv connectivity for three days. My wife keeps trying customer service. Presumably technicians were deployed several days ago but no one has come to our apartment building from Telus either Wed, Thu, or Fri! It is frustrating being lied to and I also wonder what constitutes breach of contract... how long for no services? We pay almost $200/mo and are in a high density area, Telus vans driving around all the time... seems they don't care about you once you sign the contract.

Just Moved In

Have you tried to use a Hard line or ethernet? With the telus Wifi i had the same issue and i still do.

I have a 3G fiber but the speed on wifi is just 500 ish. :(. 

I actually did a wired test and it was on par with the wireless, when wired should always be substantially better

It is noteworthy that i have the black mod3m from telus and on the phone the guy upgraded me to the new white one i think it is at no cost as a way to see if it improves or status the same and also gave me a small credit on my bill. So Telus is trying. But like i said. Paying for a service, you expect to get that service. Will update in a few days when the new modem comes in