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Issues with Fibre Optic - New Build

Hi Telus Community,

We recently built a house and prepared for both ISP (Telus and Shaw). That being said, we’ve had non stop issues with the fibre optic cable. We’ve even had it redone once. That being said, our longest stretch with constant internet was 1.5 weeks. Our shortest stretch has been 3 minutes. We’ve been working closely with our Telus/Ledcor installer. He has now been out to the property roughly 4-5 times. I believe some splicing was done and some testing was performed. Any idea why it has failed each single time?

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's a tough one, @nora_okgn. This looks to be specific to your home and without communicating with the techs, it'll all be conjecture.  The specific details may be known to the field and backend teams, though (customer/tech support will generally have a summary of the work performed but not necessarily root cause). Do you still have contact with your installer? Perhaps they are able to offer insight.


My only caution is to make sure it isn't the booster.  I have been having problems for 2 weeks.  Router swap. Did nothing. Tech support wanted to swap sfp module next.  I went on the booster to see that it was failing by checking logs.  I don't know why tech support doesn't try that neat trick.  I put in my own aftermarket AP and things started working well again.  Just waiting to replace the booster because I want the MoCA link back.  I do not trust tech support at all.  They just factory reset and swap pieces with no real investigation.