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Telus refusal to install fibre to ALL homes in a townhome complex


Telus completed fibre installation to the electrical room in a 41 unit townhouse complex located in Burnaby but states that they cannot install the fibre to 8 of the 41 units. This has been over 1.5 years and they said they were investigating alternative solutions for those 8 properties. It is critical that fibre be able to be installed in one of those properties due to the work being done from the home, and the requirement for the highest speeds of data transfer. It is my understanding that TELUS is refusing to pay for the required infrastructure work despite on their webpage CLEARLY stating that they "provide all infrastructure etc to each suite at no cost to you". From :

"Connect your building.

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Townhomes

  • Quadplexes / duplexes

  • Gated communities

We’ll provide all infrastructure, design consultation and wiring installation to each suite at no cost to you."

On that same webpage the question is posed "What does it cost to get PureFibre" and the answer is "Upgrading to the TELUS PureFibre network won’t cost building owners or residents anything. We’ll provide all infrastructure, design consultation and wiring installation to each suite. That means, for no additional cost, you’ll have access to the best technology, now and in the future."

Why is it 1.5 years later and there is no solution for the 8 remaining townhouses in the complex of which one desperately requires it for work? What would the cost be if that one owner wanted the fibre to that home? Please get back to me as soon as possible. Much thanks.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Does your complex have units on top of one another? That's an issue that's been seen in complexes that have units stacked on each other (the fibre itself needs to be pulled through units below for example, to reach the higher ones and so on). Our team obviously tries to get fibre in builds to as many units as possible, but in some instances it's simply not possible. Have you looked into copper service?