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Resolved! WPS security

Hello,Just wondering if anyone knows how secure the WPS is on the Telus’ modems. Is it something that you’d leave on by default or something that should only be enabled when you need to use it? Thanks!

JR_99 by Helpful Neighbour
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Why Is my service so poor?

I have had non stop issues since day one. Multiple techs and rushmen have tried and failed to resolve the poor service that I receive from Telus. I pay for 75mbps and I would be lucky to receive 20mbps on a good day. On a bad day I have seen speeds b...

Upgrading my landlords plan.

I rent a room in the basement a house. The current Telus internet is very weak. Is it possible to have their plan upgraded (with their permission) and to have a second router installed in the basement? I guess the question is would they have to start...

BigBeaver by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is PureFibre 300/300 really at least 300Mbps

Last month I upgraded from PureFibre Internet 150/150 to PureFibre Internet 300/300.The Telus My Wi-Fi App speed test with 150/150 consistently showed download speeds of 179-185Mbps and upload speeds 171-185MbpsHowever my 300/300 plan only gets 262-2...

BPcalg by Neighbour
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5G and amazon fire tv

Hi there. I have purefiber and I can’t seem to get my fire tv units to connect to 5G. I can see other 5G connections from the houses around me, but when I select my 5G connection the network setting says out of range. My modem is literally under the ...

Ashcroft internet

We have slow and intermittent internet also Telus promised no overage charges during COVID but they charged me

Router stuffed in closet. Poor signal through condo

I have spoken to a few different people at telus now to say how i have terrible network performance. I have telus gigabit plan and have a network closest installed in my condo. the problem with this is that the previous tenent had taken the ONT devic...

Resolved! Switching from Shaw to Telus

Hi. Used to be a Telus subscriber but wanted to cut costs a little so I went with Shaw tv and internet, however not too happy with internet speed. Only 2 of us in the household so maybe half dozen devices, should I get a ‘better’ router or is the sup...

robertj by Just Moved In
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