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TELUS Purefiber X3 install failure


So I guess I should have just passed up the upgrade. 😂


For 10 bucks more they could upgrade me to the X3 service but it would need a service call. Seemed like a good deal. Sure I'll never use that much bandwidth and yes I'd have to upgrade some of my equipment (just one switch) to get any of the benefit, but I'm in IT so sure lets do this.


Well, the install was this morning, and now I have a service running at 6Mbps down and 1Mbps up at the moment. Even my UDM Pro is making fun of the service calling it a TELUS DSL Internet.


Ended up on call with support for over an hour, and the answer back was we will call you back in 3 to 24 hours. I hope that is the case, so we will see. This is the 3rd upgrade that has failed on my account and that has required me to call into support to try to get fixed. Last time was from 750/750 to one 1G/1G. A tech was send out that time, but the tech said he was not needed and for me to call in to get the provisioning updated. 


I don't blame the install tech. I think he did everything right, but the back end provisioning is not done and the order is stuck. At least that is what the 3 person I spoke to on the support line said and he had to speak to a 4th person to tell me that. 


For now, maybe wait on getting the upgrade. I suspect when I get it Steam game installs will show a great improvement, but today I will have to listen to my wife and daughter complaining that Netfix and YouTube is slow. 😄




Wanted to give an update on if they got the provisioning done, well they did about an hour ago. I did not get a call back, but the service is now working and I'm getting the advertised speeds.