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Free bump from Internet 75 to 175?

Has anybody else noticed their PureFibre Internet 75 was bumped to 175 Mbps? I noticed this in early August while running a speed test. At first, I thought it was a glitch but it has stayed at that speed for a couple weeks now. I've been subscribed t...

Spinner by Helpful Neighbour
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Eero mesh or another solution

Hi Just moved to another house. Previous house had networking throughout and I was on fiber optik. Now this house doesn't have networking throughout but does have coax in some spots. Also no fiber optik so on copper. Currently my office is hardwired ...

PL by Advisor
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Rural Internet upgrade?

Have a ZTE MF279T Hub at the moment, anyone out there know in the newer hub (model #?) will give me higher speeps based off a 4g tower?

hawki by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus boost (round "pucks") devices as Ethernet "drop"

Can the round wifi boost "pucks" be configured as a wireless bridge? Eg, can a connection be made between the unused ethernet jack of a boost device and a switch or desktop computer? I have tried this and it didn't "just work". I am not sure if this ...

Hardyn by Just Moved In
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Resolved! When is Telus going to fix the Google email issues?

This is going on too long. When is Telus going to fix the Google email problems? I've read every post on the forums, tried all the 'fixes', nothing works. This is a Telus problem that THEY need to fix. I've been with Telus for 30+ years and they've a...

Homekit issues migrating my own router?

Hi,I've browsed through the forum but I haven't quite found the answer I'm looking for. I'm thinking of adding a better router to our home for increased wifi coverage. The T3200M is at one end of the house and we can't move it. I tried the Boosters T...

Markakett by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Wifi 6 MOCA Backbone Setup

Hi community, If I setup a Wifi 6 WAP on each floor, can I just plug-in the coax backbone, or do I still need to use the MOCA adapters? I'm excited to get fiber installed next week, but have a few network design questions. We live in a 3-floor townho...

Shameful Processing Fee!

TELUS, you no longer have an customer service email to write a comment so now I have to post on a forum? I hope you read this. The new processing fee that you are introducing is shameful for your corporation! The fee will impact the demographic group...

JoanneH by Just Moved In
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crap service

NOT impressed w/ my brand new Telus internet nor w/ optik TV. SLOOOWWW intrnt and constantly needs a reset of ethernet with the windows trbl shooter / it never works well 4 long, must have reset it 3 dozen times and rebooted the modem too and all the...

dgdoor7 by Just Moved In
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