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Horrible Experience

Just Moved In

On Dec 22 my mother passed away and on the 24th I called to cancel her cell phone, home phone and HS.

I had to talk to 4 agents and spend about 3 hours to achieve this goal. 
the first agent disconnect my cell phone instead of my mother’s cell phone. I was actually speaking to the agent on my cell when the disconnection occurred. I had to use my husband’s cell to continue my task. The agent left a note on my account saying that we were disconnected while speaking and the agent tried to call back but I didn’t answer (well yes, the agent had disconnected my service).

The next agent sarcastically told me to answer his question when I tried to confirm the number that is being disconnected.

And things went downhill from there. 
I used to be proud of being a Telus employee, I do not feel that way anymore. I feel embarrassed.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

Thank you, I look forward to your message.