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Internet 75

We have been with Telus Internet since 2019, and we have moved from 2 houses since then. Internet speeds always spikes between 5 to 25 mbps with 5 being the most daily we get and rarely reaches 25, never past it. What can I do to fix this? is this a ...

Ajsilva by Just Moved In
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inconsistent ping

I play an online video game in which having low ping is very important. The game is played on servers in Kansas, where I can get 52 ping on a good day. My issue is during the last few months my ping keeps going up, sometimes as much as 30 ms higher. ...

ballpoint by Just Moved In
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Never getting my bills?

I keep requesting paper bills and yous keep switching to digital on your own. Then you threaten to cancel services in 24-48 hours because your haven’t got paid. Well no **bleep** you haven’t got paid you stopped sending me bills! Why does this keep h...

spikex41 by Just Moved In
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Getting Fibre connected to my house

Does anyone have any tips on to getting Fibre connected to your house. They ran the line in my neighborhood over the summer, but now I need them to run the line to my house. I have 5 tickets with Telus customer service, and I've filled out the online...

JeffU by Neighbour
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Telus Connect and Parental Restrictions Issues

So this is a bit frustrating. I have been using the parental restrictions on my kids ipads just fine until recently. Now these ipads just stopped working on the wifi during the day and the app won't even let me check the profiles. Every other device ...

WilliamL by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! power supply for hub is not white and not marked

I found out that the power supply to the Telus hub is not white and does not have any marking on it to identify it as the correct power supply. That's a problem if one has more than one power supply for devices close to each other and one disconnects...

Randolph by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Adding a router

Hey, I need help adding a router to my modem. I need a VPN-enabled router so I got an Asus router that supports Open VPN. I have tried using bridge mode although I get no connection to my router when enabled. Why is this? What should the connection t...

Telus My home concerns

My landlord rents a basement to me, but refused to get a 2nd service installed in my rental for my own internet plan. The solution was the wifi smart hub. Despite my issues with them unplugging my wifi daily (accident or otherwise) I downloaded the T...

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