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Google Maps - How to solve Organization Administrator issue - REVISITED

Friendly Neighbour




First time here. I hope it is helpful to those who come up upon the same issues. 


After reading the original, now locked post, I discovered the same issues  a few days ago. I have never had an issue up until last week on my older equipment.

Was there a different fix that was not posted?? 


I now have a 2023 MacMini M2 and a 2022 MacBook Air M2. And 2 relatively new iPads and some older iPhones. 

Running MS Office 2021 on the Macs and prefer to use the Outlook Client (LEGACY) for email. 

No problem with the MacBook but a problem on both of the users of the MacMini. My side quotes my and other side quotes my wife's as being the culprit. 


It's only an issue with the MacMini. 


I don't really understand why this is a customer issue. To me it is a Telus issue that needs to be fixed as the error points to the administrator that gave me the email address. And that is Telus, is it not?**  I can imagine how many customers out there don't bother fixing, don't know where the problem stems from or are not techie enough to fix it. And have read that some spent a lot of $ for an onsite tech and many hours on the phone somewhere other than with Telus support. ** Or is it a Telus issue that Gmail can  put in a fix (for Telus Gmail Suite customers)?


And just to mention, I have never been happy with the email once it moved to the Gmail platform, so effort and time spent on my behalf was going to be minimal. Nevertheless,  I proceed to do the recommended fix. 


  1. Take note of your TELUS email address: [email protected]

         That was ok. 

  1. Replace the @ sign with the % sign. You now have:

          This was ok.

  1. Enter that information in the username field and add at the end to complete it, as shown in the image

         This did not take and where the Telus recommended solution ended for me. 


So at this point I had 3 ideas. ( I had no intention to contact Telus for support )

1. Call Telus and have all my Telus emails and Aliases cancelled and move to another email option.     

2. Delete the Telus emails in Outlook and Apple email clients and log off the Telus emails on the Gmail web page and then forward the mail to another email account and advise every one to quit using my email. <== Big job.  Then  later cancel all my Telus email accounts. 

3. Logoff of Gmail web page, delete  all email set ups off of 4 devices, go into the Gmail settings and turn off IMAP and turn on POP and reenter them as POP accounts on the 4 devices x 2. 


Number 3 actually worked. I tested the Google Maps and the point of  logging off on Gmail web page and deleted the mails on the Outlook and Apple mail clients. I tested to confirm the POP settings worked and re-verified that the Google Map issue had disappeared. 


Here is a fantastic website for POP setting and Gmail. 









Friendly Neighbour

Just an update. Changing to POP worked but made a general mess of my email clients. Will be looking at calling Telus to cancel my email accounts. 

I struggled with this as well, but figured it out somehow. I am not sure if I can explain it well enough, but instead of creating a TMP google account as done in the steps you found, I created a whole new google account for myself. Then, most impoortantly, I made it my default google account. I used a non-gmail or telus domain email (I used an Icloud address). Then I signed in to the google suite with my default account rather than This allows me to use my google account on Gmail only, all other Google services are linked to my personal google acount that I administer instead of Google.  
When I am on the Gmail page, the telus logo shows in the top right corner account info. I can't remember if I had to manually toggle this myself the first time, or it came up automatically.
But when I am on any other Google site, like maps, my personal account shows with no telus logo. 

And the bonus of having your own default Google account is Telus can't mess it up on you if they make future changes with untested and unintended consequences.