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Intermittent Connectivity on hardwired connection

Friendly Neighbour


 I've been experiencing intermittent connectivity for a few months now and it's super frustrating.  I have tried a long list of potential solutions such as: modem power cycling, reinstalling network adaptor and drivers, replacing ethernet cable, disabling wi-fi, even undervolting my gpu (someone suggested that and I was out of solutions). I wonder if anyone here has any insight on this? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you logged dates and times you  have been experiencing drop outs? It will help pinpoint a possible issue for the technicians. I assume your drivers are all up to date? Does it happen on all devices or just one?

Good questions. It's happening roughly every 10-15 minutes and it's happening on all devices. It only ever drops for a second then comes back. Unfortunately that's enough to disconnect from some games I'm trying to play. I've spent some time pinging and it'll only ever register an issue for one line and then it goes back to pinging successfully.  All my drivers are up to date.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried a different ethernet cable?

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I have yeah. Didn't seem to have any effect.


Which router do you have?

Friendly Neighbour

I have an actiontec T3200M

having  T3200m, as you mentioned  intermittent discon problem, meaning all wired devices having the same problem? have you tried factory reset the t3200m? this might help you,

Community Power User
Community Power User

If the hardwired devices all drop for only a second, the T3200 doesn't sound like it's fully losing the connection. Normally if it does, it takes longer than that to reconnect. Is the T3200 in a position where you're able to quickly look at it when the connection drops? Do any of the green lights on it turn off or change color? Are you on DSL or fibre? If fibre, is the fibre connected directly to the T3200 or another white box nearby?


I would also recommend contacting technical support and have them run checks on your connection. There may be something that's intermittently causing a brief interruption that their tools can see. Worst case scenario it could be an issue with the T3200 itself but I'd have them run the tests on the connection first. If it is indeed the T3200, they should be able to send out a replacement or a repair tech.

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thanks for the suggestions. I'm on fibre and it's connected to a little white box .  It's hard to see the router from the desktop but I'll set up a little work station and monitor that. 

Just Moved In

I was having the same problem (intermittent connection that drops several times an hour for only about a minute, but long enough to completely disconnect from the internet) for about 2 weeks, but now it has been resolved with the help of Telus tech support. It was a faulty/dying ONT (Optical Network Terminal), which was replaced. 



I started having issues ever since I moved the Telus hardware (ONT and WiFi router) and installed a new switch. After trying everything I could myself (removing the router, connecting directly to the Telus WiFi router with an ethernet cable, verifying the ethernet cables are working, and then unplugging everything for 5 minutes and turning everything back on) but still the problem persisted. I then called Telus tech support and they ran a through diagnostic on my system using an app I installed on my phone which allowed them to thoroughly test the system. At that time they said the hardware worked fine and that the only issue might be that I had too many devices connected at once (only 29 devices). I then tried my system for another day with only a small number of devices connected but still experienced issues. I then installed a chrome extension that monitors the network connection and generates a log report (called "Internet Connection Monitor", found on the chrome web store). From that report it was evident there was still a problem; the internet was still dropping several time an hour, no change from when the problem was first experienced. I called TELUS back and they detected a hardware problem (which didn't show up before, I suspect because of the intermittent nature of the problem). They sent a tech out who replaced the ONT and that solved the problem.


Hopefully this helps others experiencing the same frustrating problem.