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The future is...??

No call back at planned time on a Friday after reporting residential outage. Opened the box from the drop outside my house and seen the outer insulation contracted about 2 inches leaving the optical cable exposed (the problem). So how much to and fro...

JRose by Just Moved In
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Waiting on unfulfilled Order

A Telus sales person hoodwinked me by selling Home Internet + Landline + 3 Mobile connections. I have the 3 Mobile connections but PureFibre order remains unfulfilled. Its more than 3 month now.Tried calling Sales Person, Customer Service, Escalation...

Shibu by Just Moved In
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Internet going down daily at the same times

We just switched to Telus Fiber Optik service one week ago. Every single day everything goes out around 1pm, and then again around 10:15pm. It will be out for at least 4 hours, there's no amount of power cycling, unplugging/replugging that will bring...

Discounts not applied.

It is so weird how Telus did this to me. Got internet $135 - three mobile lines with data $85 + $55 + $55 I was told that I will get whatever discounts on the internet ( That I got ). For mobility my first bill had no discounts applied. I was told I ...

Gabrile by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet speed (wireless)

What should be my upload speed if I have 1 Giga and a wireless connection with a booster?At the moment I have 253 mps (download) and 213 (upload). Should I be satisfied with it even if I pay for 1 giga?Best,Arianna

aridag by Neighbour
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DCHP allocation of IP addresses limitation?

I have added a 14 ports Thunderbolt dock to my new Macbook Air running MacOS Monterey.The Internet is connected to that dock and then to the Macbook via a T3 connection.The network IPv4 address is via DHCP, but the IPv4 address that I get starts with...

Call Back Feature

The call back feature isn’t working. Every time I select to use this feature, I’m told that I’ll receive a call back. When my phone rings for the call back, I answer it and then the system gives me the message that should be given if it reaches my vo...

JayKob by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Cannot send email using Outlook

I recently switched to the Telus network, and I am very happy with the speed and stability. I have a POP account in my Outlook, and I can receive all emails without trouble. But I noticed that I could not send emails when connected to the Telus netwo...

Da-Dai by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! DFS Channel Selection Frustration

Good day all.This post is part rant and part question. Short version; I live in a condo which means WiFi channels are crowded, even the 5GHz band U-NII-1 and U-NII-3 are busy. I've seen upwards of 24 AP's on channel 44 alone. The 2.4 GHz band I gave ...

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