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Telus rural internet 5G admin acccess


I have the Telus 5G rural internet, but I believe I still have poor signal quality/strength just like my old smarthub 500 plan, which is still place for the time being until Telus phases it out. 


Our old ZTE MF279T smarthub gets up to 150 mbps down while the new 5G ZTE MC70101CA gets 50 mbps download.  DO NOT LET THOSE SPEEDS FOOL YOU.  We never stream because even though we have good speed, there is never consistent streaming quality.  Different streaming apps constantly change resolution to the point of the content being un watchable.  So for the last 7 - 8 years we have been pre downloading content onto our tablets and the plugging them into our TV with an usb c hub with hdmi output.  Needless to say, the video is good, but the audio is now in stereo.  So I am getting quite sick of this, especially when I can almost throw a rock and hit the South Calgary Hospital from my location.


Our old smarthub as per the admin diagnostics says we get between -78 to -102 dbm even with an external 11 dbi yagi antenna, but more so the latter.  So my signal strength is horrible even with an external Yagi antenna.  I am assuming my new 5G set up gets the same figures, but I cannot access the admin login password, because Telus did not send my install kit with the owners manual with the password stick on it.


Any suggestions on what I can do for my signal quality/strength.  Does anyone know how I can get login access to my new external modem?  Does the new external ZTE MC7010CA modem need line of sight to the tower, or does it work like a MIMO antenna?  Is there a chance both of my internet connections may be confused on which tower to connect to.  There is a closer tower straight 2.7 km east of me, but there are acreage homes and a big hill in the way.  The SW tower has line of sight, but is 4 km away.  I have been advised by an installer to go with a Surepower booster with up to 30’ mast, but I have been seeing conflicting reviews of these boosters all over the internet.  I was even told be a supplier that they only recommend using them for in house smartphone signal boosting.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



So this is hard to believe, but are there really no other rural customers that can tell the me the default password to the MC7010CA external modem.  Surely someone out there frequents the forums for troublshooting and has had this problem, unless they all elected to have someone else install this stuff.  So disappointed in this service.  Telus just seems like they could care les.