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Replace Alcatel ONT & TELUS Wi-Fi Hub with

Hello, I would like to replace Telus hardware (ONT & Wi-Fi Hub as a router) with a single SFP-enabled device.Generally because ONT takes almost ⅓ space in the switch box and because Wi-Fi Hub "canister" doesn't fit into a switch box. Since Wi-Fi Hub ...

ajax by Neighbour
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Smart hub constantly cutting in and out

When playing online games I get constant lag spikes up to 1200+ ping. Seems to be my service. When I run a speed test I'll see it freeze and not work at all. It is not a device on my network using bandwidth as I've tried before with devices disconnec...

Resolved! ONT to desktop and separate router?

Couldn't find any prior threads specific to this question (although some were very close!).My desktop is in the basement, along with my ONT and 3200M. The house is Ethernet wired and I have a UBIQUITI router on my main floor, currently plugged into t...

Hipwood by Neighbour
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Resolved! Wifi Hub - Port Forwarding No Longer Working

I've been helping out my son to host a Minecraft server for him and his buddies, and everything was working fine for the past 8 months, up until the last week or so. Any port forwarding rule on the Telus wifi hub (Network > Firewall > Port Forwarding...

mcburrdad by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't access router admin page (

I have a white Telus router white box (new one with IPv6) and I can't access the admin page using the password written on it. Called the call centre and they said it's a 'new error'. Anyone has the solution? Thanks.

Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 11.17.07 PM.png
caiojt by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wi-Fi 6 modem

I’m an existing customer. How do I upgrade my modem to the WI-FI 6 hardware? I’m at a dead end on the Telus website.

Resolved! Computer internet loss when TV box is connected

Hi,I have 1 gig fiber and my network is as follows:fiber modem thingy - router - unmanaged switch (D-Link) - PC and PS4 on the switch.This setup works at full 1 gig speed.I wanted to move TV to the same room so I connected my TV box to the same switc...

mrGrub by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus Home assistant - alexa

When I use Alexa to trun off the tv :Alexa, Turn off Living Room TV". it only goes to the green Optic Screen asking to press OK to continue watching. Can I get Alexa to actually turn off the TV?

Legend45 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can't access into WifiPlus(WEB6000Q) and showing Inactive in my Modern(T3200M) configuration page

Hi everyone,I am having trouble accessing into my WIfiPlus(WEB6000Q) to change its wifi and password. Few years ago I was able to use the info at the back, type into my browser and have access to the WifiPlus configuration page. Another way to access...

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