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My Telus wifi pause device problem

My Telus wifi app - pause device function intermittently does not work. I attempt to pause a device and it shows paused for approximately 12 seconds, then it changes back to unpaused. Tried with individual devices and family profile groups with no su...

Shang by Just Moved In
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what to expect - Telus switching me from VDSL to fibre

So a Telus rep phoned me and said they were going to discontinue their old-style internet and Optik TV service (which operates on VDSL from copper phone wires) and they want to swap me over to fibre (at no extra cost). BTW discontinuance of their pho...

frankw by Organizer
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Best way to migrate to gmail with 100 email aliases?

My email migration date to move from Telus email to Telus Gmail is coming up fast.Unfortunately it is complicated by the fact that I have over 100 email aliases, but Telus Gmail only allows 30 aliases per email account.One possible solution is to cre...

solidrock by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Port Forward with Telus T3200M Modem.

I'd like to port forward the port 27960 UDP for a Steam game (Quake 3/ Quake Live) to host a private server. Is that port (27960 UDP) blocked by Telus with Residential Home Internet? If not, how do I port forward it? Guide me through it please.

Tom69AB by Just Moved In
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Opening NAT???

I currently run a wired connection on Telus PureFibre gigabyte internet into my Xbox but I still only have a moderate NAT, any recommendations to open my NAT up? Admin setting need to be changed or something?

bid by Just Moved In
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Sending from Apple Mail suddenly not possible (POP)

I migrated a to Gmail month ago and had a consultant help set me up as POP on Apple Mail. Have been sending and receiving without problems until today. As of this morning, when I try to send a message, I am prompted to enter my password. I enter it a...

Resolved! Ethernet from Alcatel-Lucent box doesn't work, but wifi does?

Hi there, thank you for your help!I just moved into an apartment and there is an alcatel-lucent box in our dining room. The wifi works fine, but when I use the ethernet from the alcatel-lucent box and go to it takes me to a telus website ...

Kmill1 by Just Moved In
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Internet drops daily

Hello all,We are experiencing internet drops daily. We are in south Edmonton, AB and on Fibre 300. We have complete drop of service from the ISP in which the model reboots/resets as the lights flash red/orange. Is anyone else having this issue with t...

GPlum by Just Moved In
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