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Resolved! How to handle Telus Overcharges on Home Phone Service?

I negotiated a contract with an agent for 1gbit FIber + a Home Phone line in which the charge for the home phone would be waived, and this shows up in my service agreement contract where it shows the cost per month should be 0$. I went over the last ...

Showcase by Just Moved In
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T3200m MOCA Adapter setup

Hello, been pulling my hair out connecting two additional MOCA adapter to my setup. Telus installed the actiontec ecb6250 when I signed up but I bought two addtional ECB7250's to add to my network. The ECB 6250 connects on the coax ports without any ...

anoatfarm by Just Moved In
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Ordered a modem last week, still haven't gotten an email

I ordered a purefiber modem last week and they told me I would get it this week. However, I still haven't even gotten an order confirmation email yet. I called them yesterday and they said there was a delay and I would get the email once it ships, an...

BobG by Just Moved In
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New PureFibre Customer - Plex is not working properly

So just got PureFibre installed and my plex server was functioning perfectly fine on Shaw. While plex works fine on LAN, when i, or any other users, try to use it outside my network, It is always an indirect connection. I have UPnP enabled and the pr...

Pdippy by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can I use a 3rd party router while I wait for the Wifi Hub?

I have recently ordered a 1Gig Purefiber Internet connection for my condo.There are no other services attached and I intent to use only the Internet service with Telus.As per Telus there have been some issues recently with their shipping of the WiFi ...

vits555 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Splitting Moca connection from T3200m modem

Hi, I currently have a T3200M modem located in my basement. This is also where my patch panel is located. I would like to hardwire my two optik tv boxes to the modem. The issue is the two tv boxes are both in a spot where it is not close to an ethern...

hng12 by Just Moved In
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My land line is saying "out of service"

Long time contract customer with excellent credit rating and no overdue account problems. Bill was due on Friday. Sometime this afternoon our home phone (land line) was placed out of service. When I call my number there is a message that our number i...

Kento77 by Friendly Neighbour
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