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Telus fibre: replacing T3200M with OPNsense router

Just Moved In

Hi all,


I am trying to remove the T3200M from my network. I don’t have the Nokia ONT, fibre is directly connected to the modem via SFP.


I unplugged the SFP from the modem, plugged it into a media converter (see photo), connected the RJ-45 to the WAN port of the OPNsense box.




In OPNsense, WAN is set to get the IP from DHCP. It is getting a public IP but it’s dropping it after a couple of seconds. This is repeating every 5 minutes. I can see the public IP is a Telus IP but it’s being dropped.


What do you think is causing it? Thanks!


Just Moved In

Tried another media converter and it worked. I got rid of the Telus modem.