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T3200M L2TP VPN using TL-R600VPN

TL-R600VPN provides VPN servers for both PPTP and L2TP/IPSec ... I have been able to get the PPTP Server to work ... but .... L2TP (the preferred mode of of operation) is not working ... reading through the Telus Neighbourhood there seems to be a com...

xBCTel by Neighbour
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When will TELUS add more agents?

Most times I have called my wait time was between 1.5-3 hours. My services got disconnected because I was behind on my bill, I was trying to reach someone to tell them not to close my account, that I would pay. Was not looking for a reconnect, just k...

Telus Commissioned Smart Home Study

Hello all, I'm a business student at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba and part of a group of students working on our capstone entrepreneurship project. We're putting together a feasibility study for a business plan to start a home automation s...

How to block a range of ports with firewall

hi, I want to block a range of ports with the software firewall. i have a T3200M modem. After I log in to the admin account, when I create new rules for the ipv6 firewall, i cannot enter a range of ports. I would like to block ports from 5000 to 5500...

skyson_y by Just Moved In
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Preparing New Garage for New Service from the Pole...

I am in the process of building a new detached garage. The plan is to run power and communications (Internet) into the garage and then from there underground into the house. The service is coming off a pole. What I would like to do is prepare the gar...

High internet usage claims by Telus Usage Meter.

Something is seriously wrong with the telus usage meter. I ticket has been submitted by technical support but is anyone else having absurdly high internet usage claims? To give you context from april-sept the average usage was 378GB and not once did ...

Ir repeaters

Can anyone identify an Ir repeater that will work with CIS330 telus boxes. The repeater I purchased works fine with my Denon receiver. Will newer telus equipment solve this problem?

AK11 by Just Moved In
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remote access to my security system

I have a telus 3100 router which I understand can be bridged - telus told me I cannot port forward but I could put a second router on maybe so that I can access my dvr for my security system from out of the country? I want to be able to see my securi...

Camilla by Just Moved In
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Associating an e-mail address from one account to another.

A way back when the earth was cooling and Telus was able to finally send a WiFi signal down copper from their exchange to our house and we were able to stop using "dial up" we were assigned three alpha-numeric e-mail addresses, each of which allowed ...

ballpet by Organizer
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Resolved! Internet disconnects daily

Hey all first time post here!I’ve had TELUS cooper line internet at my current home for the past 4 years. 15 down 1 up (super slow country town internet)I’ve never had issues until the last couple months and it’s been a nightmare dealing with it and ...

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