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Resolved! Error in contract length

I was looking through my account online yesterday and noticed that the end date on my two year commitment was wrong. It stated the end of my contract was May 15 2020 even though I signed up June of last year. Contacted Telus by phone and they said th...

Channel Packages

When ordering the base plus 6 pack of OptikTV the whole process states repeatedly that the total cost is $60. As soon as you commit to the order the total cost changes to $70. Is this intentional misleading by Telus or an error in the system or ...?

Goose by Just Moved In
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Hi there,How would a tech apply for TELUS SHS?I have done all the Telus required courses/training for the new updated SHS 2GIG Panels. Just need a point in the right direction to apply for this position.

AJ1436 by Just Moved In
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Huawei B612 Smart Hub

Hello, I currently have a ZTE MF275R but it doesnt have a bridge mode and don't want to mess around trying to get it to do that since ive basically used up all the connections on it and want to use my ASUS router to do everything. I've been looking a...

LaneN by Organizer
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Resolved! Home Phone

A readily and easily installed unit that can be put on the phone system that only allows pre-programed numbers to be accepted to protect the elderly and general customers from all of these phone scams.

Zax by Just Moved In
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TELUS LTE HUB - Better wifi and better speed?

I live in a rural area and I use the Huawei B612 with 500GB/mo plan. I had to spend additional $1,200 on buying a cell signal booster to get enough signal in my house for the LTE hub to function. After all this set up, I have realized two things. The...

ustel by Organizer
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Resolved! Switched to Pure Fiber - what a mistake!!!

After 18 months of work on it, I'm finally switched over to fiber. However, once it was finally up and running, I discovered I had no landline. Some more work with a tech, and my landline was back. Then, I discovered that, although I had landline, my...

Zetec7 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Boost Wifi Problem Solving

Hi everyone,Telus moves some of the fibre optic equipment yesterday but I’m now having issues with my internet. One part is many websites and apps are having issues loading even with good wifi and full speeds. The other is in the My Wifi app, I’m see...

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