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Resolved! Options button on old style remote

I still use my old style remote because I like the call display button. Unfortunately there is no options button. Where do I have to navigate to display and change the options like "display subscribed channels only"?

Unstable Internet

Internet has been dropping lately (on and off) in the saddleridge area, already tried to reset my router by unplugging and through the reset button, and issues on both wired and wireless connections.

J3romey by Just Moved In
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Can't connect to devices

Greetings, I had everything working perfectly on the Actiontec V1000H, but Telus said I needed to replace it with the T3200M if I wanted to get TV. Now that it's installed, I can't connect to wireless devices on the same network. Everything can conne...

Shane by Leader
  • 4 replies
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Fax no longer answering

Greetings, I got my Smart Ring telephone number changed on Tuesday, and now my fax machine doesn't answer the distinctive ring. I'm trying to figure out if it its a problem with my fax or the phone line. Since the only change was with Smart Ring numb...

Shane by Leader
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Unused devices on wifi

I have unused and unknown devices on my T3200M Can someone tell me how to remove them? I have tried rebooting my router and changing password. Thank you

Gayle by Organizer
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Resolved! wifi change?

hi, just curious, how come the 2.4 and 5g wifi dont show up anymore and is just one single wifi now?

J3romey by Just Moved In
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After the switch to fiber now cannot play recordings on pvr

Switched from copper to fiber , now get an error message when trying to watch my recordings "some recordings may belong to a different account and cannot be played"I cannot watch any recordings in my pvr from prior to the switch.I am using the same c...

Boycec by Just Moved In
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