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Unauthorized device on network

Just Moved In

Hi there!

I logged into my router and saw a device "name unavailable" with the MAC address 60:14:B3:55:A1:1D. When I looked up the MAC address on google, it comes back to "CyberTAN Technology Inc.". I found this device under the "Overview > Connected Devices".

However, the device does NOT show up under "Overview > Booster > Connected Wi-Fi clients" nor in My-Wifi Telus app.

The device has an IP address of for IPV4, but does not have any IPv6 GUA Address or Pv6 LLA Address. 

I have no idea what these numbers mean, but I can't find any device with this MAC address in my home.


My biggest worry is having an unauthorized person on my network. (I recently changed both my wifi and admin password, and this device showed up after this change).


Any help is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and thank you



Relax, it's probably one of your devices.


Cyber TAN is a manufactuer of electronics used in many smart devices. Most of the time these smart devices don't bother identifying themselves properly and default to the electronics manufacture ID. If you take inventory of all your smart devices you will eventually figure out which one it is. It could be a smart thermostat, smart scale, eReader, smart switch or similar. You could try matching either the MAC address or the IP to each of your devices. The MAC address might be available on the back of the device or box it came in. If the device has an interface (screen or app) you may be able to look in the settings for the IP address and/or MAC address.


For instance I have a smart clock from Lenovo that shows up on my network as InPro Comm which is another manufacture like Cyber TAN.


If all else fails and it's really bothering you then ban it from your network and see what isn't working any more.