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Telus internet (TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan)) intermittent offline issue


Here's my question to the community: Why would the device I have suddenly go offline (randomly) but only when using my PC with a Cat6 patch cable?

I've had this issue for a few months now and seeing as we're in troubling times, support provides no help to me. No, the issue did not solve itself by cycling the power. After checking the connections about a hundred times and even swapping out patch cables, using different ports, etc, I've drawn the conclusion that the device itself is bad. It's either that or the fibre is not properly terminated.


I'll add that this issue of the internet going offline does not happen when using the wifi. This only happens when I'm on my PC and usually doing something light like online gaming. Sometimes it does go offline when downloading heavy files but more recently I've seen it happen with the former.


Has anyone else had issues with this? Is there anything besides call tech support until they agree to swap this device out?