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Heads up when converting to fibre


I was connected to fibre a few days ago. AND this evidently automatically connects you to voicemail. A fine feature I am sure.. if.. you were told about it and given instructions on how to set it up. So.. because they did not.. I had several important messages go to Telus voicemail.. with no way for me to access same. I get a cryptic message on my phone “Voicemail Msg. Via phone Co”. 


Get out my phone manual.. determine this is from Telus.. follow prompts.. input password...  No password.. STUCK. Phone Telus Support.. Wait thru “we are experiencing..... “ Explain problem.. get minor acknowledgement of my issue.. promise to fix.. NOT.. call back.. Our office is now closed..... Call back again in AM.. Wait.. terrible music likely to ruin day.. Get clear speaking tech.. no problem, can fix, give me a minute to de-activate Voicemail... DONE. 


Subsequent discussion.. tech acknowledged this is a problem that Telus needs to address with better (any) communication.


So.. heads up folk, if you have a perfectly adequate answering machine that you wish to continue using, keeping your messages on “your” device and not in some cloud where it is available to who knows.. Be aware that the default is Telus voicemail.