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Purefibre users, general questions from new user & what are your real speeds?


First time purefibre user here - Just recently got purefibre connected after getting by with wireless for years, signing up with the 300 package. I also got the boost wifi-6 router with the installation


For now I just ran a cat6 cable from the modem to my nearest switch, bypassing my usual dd-wrt linksys router (converting it to a switch) 


My main desktop, all my TV's, blu-rays, media players etc. are all ethernet connected, with just phones, ipads an a couple of laptops using wifi. 


I had my wireless ISP connecting to my router, and from my router connections went out to 2 NAS drives, and one switch, from that switch connections went out to 4 more switches & an Apple airport time capsule, one of these switches is what I connected the fibre to for now.


Because I have existing connections (google hub) that use it, I may put my linksys router where that switch was & convert it back to router/AP, and I need to move the boost wifi6 to a better location as it's in the basement corner still & plugged directly into the modem. The install tech recommended that I don't use my existing router as I'll get much better performance from the boost unit. He also said I could plug the boost unit into any switch in my house, but if it is a router/AP then should it not be the first thing in the LAN that the modem connects to?  If not, can I just not use it like I do my Apple airport & have it connected to a switch?  


Also, running speed tests from my go-to speedtest site I am getting a HUGE discrepancy in speeds from a site like Telus or Both of these show my speeds in excess of 300Mbps for both up and down, but on I am getting just over 100 down but less than 10Mbps up, sometimes in the Kbps range, with a hard wired connection.  I don't totally trust the results from sites like because they use multithreaded connections, toss out the bottom 30% and top 10% - which doesn't really show real life speeds. I also tried which shows just over 100Mbps each way. 


My wireless ISP usually gave me between 20 & 30 Mbps down & 10-15Mbps up, and the difference between a site like & would be within a few Mbps of each other, with the ratio staying about the same.


Curious how other purefibre users speeds are when comparing an HTML5-PHP test like to a site like Telus or