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questions about upcoming drop install


I'm a current Shaw Cable internet-only customer (no TV or phone), and I just signed up with Telus for 1Gig PureFibre (again, internet only). My bungalow in the Edmonton suburb of St. Albert was built in 1960 (Telus fibre was just rolled out to St. Albert last year). We have a detached garage behind the house, separated by about 20 feet, at a back corner of the property. An existing utility pole at the other corner of the back of the property seems to have old coaxial cable and some other utility cables already strung over to a five-foot-high pole and conduit mounted on the garage roof.

I understand a tech is going to come at some point to do the "drop" install. When the contractors rolled out fibre to our neighbourhood, they wanted to do a drop install at that time, but told me that they'd have to put a hole in my finished garage wall, which I balked at.

So my questions now are:

  1. Why do they need to drill through the finished inside wall of the garage to install fibre? Why can't they mount whatever equipment is needed in a waterproof box on the outside of the garage?

  2. How are they going to get the fibre from the garage to the downstairs utility room in the house's basement, which is where my Shaw modem is currently installed? I had a look yesterday, and it looks to me like my Shaw modem's coax runs toward the opposite side of the house, away from the garage, which is the "non-used side" of the house where the utilities and such come in...on the side of the house where the garage is located, that's a used area (the side door to the house is on that side), so I'm not sure how something would get run over to that side from the garage...?

  3. I've read there's a "newer way" to install now that uses an "SFP" as opposed to an "ONT"...? I have no idea what these terms mean, but is that likely to happen in this case do you think?

I just want to gather some info here so I can talk semi-intelligently with the Telus tech when he comes to do the drop install.



@canadave  Questions  power meter on garage ? No overhead wires garage to house ? Then underground correct ? If underground shaw cable in conduit ?  They may or will not put fiber into the conduit if not shaw coax could be used to bring internet to router in utility room but that means the ONT(needs 120 volt) will be in garage. Might be temp sensitive?

Community Power User
Community Power User

1. Telus will not install equipment outside a building. They need at a minimum a weatherproof space with an electric outlet.

2. Telus will likely parallel the Shaw installation, and may run cable along the exterior of the house.

3. SFP requires bringing the fibre into the house at the location of the modem. It is rarely used in residential installations.

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