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back up modem

A back-up modem is critical now that I'm that working at home. 1) Does the modem have to come from Telus, or can it come from a third party as long as it's the same device? 2) Is there a way to rent/purchase a spare modem from Telus online? Thanks

Yikes2 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Unable to to obtain the advertised wireless speeds....

Hi There, Our house has lot of devices when you add them all up, AppleTV (x2), laptops (x2), Computer(x1), Apple Watch(x1), eReader(x1), and two cable boxes. We are currently on the Telus 150 plan is it is the max available provided by Telus in our a...

Resolved! email not loading on ipad

Since Aug 14, 2019 any new emails have not been loading to my Telus account set up on my ipad. All the emails are there when logging into webmail.I have tried deleting the account and setting it up new, but still only emails up to Aug 14, 2019 are lo...

Ralf by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wireless Extenders plugged into LAN port?

I have my Telus modem in the garage in the basement. A LAN cable runs to the main floor and also to the bedroom upstairs (3 levels). I have one Wireless Extender on the 2nd floor, plugged into the LAN port. The 2nd Wireless Extender is on the 3rd flo...

Is my money no good anymore?

After ordering fiber gigabit, the tech did half the job, the outside part, and said he';d come back. I said but you'll be under quarntine by then. He said no problem, we already started your job. The tech didnt show up, and I managed to book again, t...

chunst by Neighbour
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What kind of fiber line do I need to run?

What kind of fiber line do I need to run from inside my home to outside? It is going from a low voltage panel, through a conduit, and then outside. Does telus have a recommendation? Brand, specs, ratings, etc? The folks at Gescan didn't know. Also, d...

Sciguy05 by Neighbour
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Resolved! New Fibre Install Cabling Requirements

We are wanting to switch to Telus Internet 300 and Pik TV and I know that the technicians are not coming in to homes right now.We only have coax coming in to the house. What if any cable will have to be installed to provide service to the modem? We d...

Stranger by Just Moved In
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Smart Hub is limited wifi.

The Smart Hubs are limited to wifi connections. I have a ZTE MF279T and am always struggling with having to shut off connected devices, cameras, kids devices etc. etc. Is there something I can do to combat this problem? Thanks!

Resolved! Running fibre line and home planning

HiI am remodeling my home and have the drywall riped off.My idea is to have a low voltage panel and a network switch in there. From there I will have about 15 cat6 runs to various parts of the home.So basically: telephone pole -> outside box -> low v...

Sciguy05 by Neighbour
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